[en] Facebook Login & Universal Analytics

There are two things I’d like to talk about in this article and these are:

1) How to use Facebook ID as the User ID in Google Universal Analytics and why to do that

2) How to create Facebook Custom Audiences based on Google Analytics data

[bonus tip at the end]

First of all, I’m not a developer and even though, I’ve managed to put in place a working experimental page that you can find here.

Let’s start:

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[en] Facebook Tag API & Event Based Custom Audiences

First of all, english is not my native language so I’ll appreciate your feedback.

What is Facebook Tag API?

You can find the answer here, but, to be short, it gives you the power to create custom audiences, based on almost everything you can dream of. (not just URL)

How does it work?

It’s simple and the answer is also here. Instead of pushing the standard  code:

window._fbq.push(["track", "PixelInitialized", {}]);

now, you push your custom event:

_fbq.push(['track', eventName, customData]);

but in the real world it should look more like this

window._fbq.push(['track', 'emailClick', {}]);

The option to segment your audience based on events will become available only after the custom tag will be fired. So, place the custom tag on your website and wait.

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